How sleeping with a knee pillow between legs can help?

How to improve sleep by using a knee pillow between your legs?

What is a knee pillow?

Chronic back and hip pain affect millions of adults worldwide and many experience frequent sleep disruptions due to the constant discomfort and pain.

If you are one of these individuals than a knee pillow is an optimal solution for you. Knee pillows are designed to elevate the lower body pain and take the pressure off the leg, hip, and back muscles, allowing them to fully relax. Being relaxed is the key to falling asleep easily. Knee pillows can reduce or eliminate certain kinds of pain and improve the quality of sleep.

5 benefits of placing a knee pillow between legs

Knee pillows work best in the side-sleeping position, which is the healthiest way to sleep. Side-sleeping gets a lot of credit because it aligns your spine and hips while also keeping you from straining your neck too much. Here are 5 benefits of using a knee pillow between your legs while sleeping on the side:

1. It adds comfort and eliminates pressure by preventing your legs from pulling, providing you with a better night’s sleep, and less pain and stress on your back in the morning.

2. It helps achieve a correct spine alignment by positioning your lower legs in accordance with optimal anatomical alignment.

3. Improves blood circulation throughout your lower body, reducing muscle soreness and tension.

4. For those suffering from sciatica, arthritis, and hip pain a knee pillow can be a real life-changer. Reduces tension on sciatic nerves by leveling the legs between the hip and knee.

5. It's optimal for pregnancy discomfort as evenly distributes hip pressure to the thigh for a more balanced and relaxed lower body pressure–leading to more restful night's sleep. 

Valmars knee pillow- an alternative to pain killers

It is a quality memory foam pillow with a thoughtful design and size. The hourglass-shaped pillow features a dip in the middle that cradles the knees, helping promote proper alignment of the spine, legs, and hips. The pillow is heat responsive and thus adjusts to your room's and body's changing of temperature and postures. While room temperature is ideal for best performance. 

Unlike most others on the market, our knee pillow is made up of 100% elastic memory foam fill which is soft enough to feel natural and comfortable between your legs while you are asleep. Features a robust build quality without losing shape or sinking, which is meant to improve the alignment of your spine.

This makes it suitable for sleepers with arthritis, sciatica, leg pain, and other medical conditions. It is also supportive enough for most pregnant women.

The knee cushion comes with two breathable covers with/without adjustable strap for your best convenience. The one with the elastic strap keeps the knee cushion perfectly aligned between the legs while you are sleeping. Without the elastic strap, can offer more flexibility for your legs so you can adjust or move the cushion more conveniently.

Struggling to get a good night's sleep is a problem that many of us are currently facing. Investing in a good quality knee pillow can help reduce severe posture pain and also give your legs the rest deserved. 

So if you are on a mission to get better and pain-free sleep then Valmars knee pillow is the right choice for you.

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